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How Intellischool went 100% green

In these unprecedented times businesses — especially startups — are often looking to minimise costs. Too often though, savings on business operations come at the expense of the environment.

Climate change is having an effect on the entire planet. As an Australian-based business, we have witnessed first-hand the damage caused through drought, floods, and the horrific bushfire season earlier this year.

We found it unpalatable to stand by and pretend that we were powerless to enact change, however small. It’s driven us to change our operations and make Intellischool 100% green.

A solar farm

We use 100% certified green energy

We light our spaces with LED lighting, and heat and cool our spaces with electricity generated by solar panels.

And if the sun isn’t shining we only buy 100% certified green energy, generated by south-east Australia’s wind, solar and hydro-electric power facilities.


Our datacentres are carbon-neutral

As a cloud service provider we primarily utilise Microsoft datacentres, which achieved carbon neutrality in 2012. And while Amazon Web Services aren’t yet carbon-neutral, we monitor our usage and purchase carbon-offset credits annually to offset any emissions we might be responsible for.

IT equipment

We prioritise partnerships with green companies

Integration is core to our platform — it’s one of the things that makes us different from our competitors. When we select partners for integration projects, we prioritise those that are carbon-neutral or carbon-negative.

Check out the commitments from partners like Google, Microsoft and Stripe.


We drive electric vehicles

It’s all well and good to harp on about the environment — but many of us that do still drive cars with internal combustion engines. Not us!

Our company vehicles are 100% electric, and charged by either solar power, or using the Chargefox network which is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Electric vehicle charging

We’re paperless

Wherever possible, Intellischool operates without the use of paper. Our products encourage our clients to do the same.

Everything we produce is distributed digitally; and on occasions where a signature is involved, we use DocuSign to avoid printing. We’re also integrating DocuSign into our products to make it easier for our clients to do the same

On the extremely rare occasion that we use paper, we always use 100% recycled, responsibly-sourced Reflex paper.


We clean with biodegradable cleaners

It may seem trivial, but often the cleaning products we use in our everyday lives have detrimental effects on our environment. All of our cleaning products are plant-based and biodegradable, while still being effective.

Biodegradable cleaners

We recycle everything!

We don’t have waste bins in our offices. Everything we use can be recycled — even our computer equipment.

PS. — it’s BYO reusable coffee cups here 🙂


We know that we can’t control every aspect of the supply chain or how products are manufactured, but as a business, we can do everything in our power to make sure that we are positive contributors to our environment.

Intellischool is proud to be a green company. We hope that we can help your school, university, college or educational centre be green as well.

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