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Announcing SIMON Analytics, powered by Albitros

Intellischool, in partnership with RTG and SIMON Web Based Solutions, is pleased to announce that SIMON Analytics will be available for subscription from January 2021.

Albitros, Intellischool’s powerful data analytics tool, was selected by SIMON and RTG through a competitive process at the start of 2020 to deliver a fully-integrated analytics capability for schools using SIMON.

The partnership of our three organisations is ensuring that SIMON schools are supported through the implementation process, ongoing improvement, and the adoption of a data-informed learning culture through professional development.

“The partnership with RTG and Intellischool hits all the marks that at SIMON we set out to do; service, high-end integrated solutions and a commitment to evolve for the benefit of schools.”
- Kevin Brodie, General Manager at SIMON


A new data experience for SIMON schools

Albitros brings powerful, interactive data visualisations to SIMON schools that draw on data they have been collecting for years, presenting it in innovative and easily interpreted ways.

Cohort Growth Analysis example
An example of the Cohort Growth Analysis dashboard using data from SIMON.

Feedback from schools that have participated in early-adoption trials has been exceptionally positive, with many choosing to take on SIMON Analytics permanently.

“SIMON Analytics provides clear data about student outcomes at the touch of a button. We love the emphasis on student growth. Why wouldn’t we sign up!”
- Claire Nailon, Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning at Nazareth College

Launch to dashboards from SIMON
Launch directly into dashboards from SIMON with new Data Analytics launch capabilities in places teachers use every day.

Albitros’ integration with SIMON enables teachers to launch directly into relevant dashboards from interfaces that they use every day — making analytics capabilities a part of their everyday teaching experience.


Ensuring successful adoptions at schools

It’s one thing to have a data analytics tool in your teaching arsenal, but it's another to embed data-driven practices into teaching and learning. RTG has been working with schools for over 30 years, and understand that working to change practice does not stop at the purchase of some new software.

Building evidence-based decision-making into the DNA of your school takes expertise and time and even analytics charts as fancy as ours will require support!

In order to ensure that SIMON schools are fully supported through the implementation and adoption of SIMON Analytics, RTG is offering a number of support packages that deliver a combination of professional development sessions, consultation on visualisation requirements, and developing a thorough and effective data ecosystem.


Want to learn more?

If your school is using SIMON and you would like to see how SIMON Analytics is making driving data-informed practice at schools, you can book a demonstration time for more information or to organise a trial.

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