Intellischool Analytics, v2: What's new and different?

In this blog post, I want to run through the new features in Intellischool Analytics with a particular focus on what's different and why we've changed things. To ensure it's snappy and interesting, I've created a playlist of videos, each showing a particular dashboard and the changes you can expect to see.

If there's no video for a particular dashboard or if I don't mention it here, it's because there are no changes, or the changes are very minimal and you can expect it to look and function in the way you're used to.

Rest assured that if you're accustomed to using Intellischool Analytics, everything you've learned, the workflows you've created - this is all still relevant. The changes are focused on feature improvements, so I'm sure you'll know your way around V2.0. Having said that, we're an email/call away and would be thrilled to assist you.

For the sake of brevity, I'll provide you with a brief overview of what's new and by clicking the 'Learn more' buttons, you'll launch a YouTube Playlist. Each playlist has a series of three-minute videos walking through the visualisations and pointing out the changes in V2.0. 

V2.0 Learner Profile

In the Learner Indicators tab, we've cleaned up the interface to make it clearer and simpler, removed some of the more confusing elements and we've introduced a range of new indicators.

On the Achievements tab, we've created functionality to allow for better drill-downs to subject and assessment detail. By far our most requested feature update, now you can drill down past Learning Domain into that Domain's subjects and then see the student's assessment results for those subjects, for each semester.

I don't mind admitting that the Learner Growth tab was a little confusing, so we've worked with a number of our schools to redesign it. It's now far easier to choose how you calculate student growth and to compare a student's growth across their subjects.

Finally, for the Learner Profile, we've added some extra details into the Tasks tab. Year-on-year comparisons for late and unsubmitted tasks and detail on submitted assessment results now make this already very popular dashboard even better.

Learn more about the Learner Profile

V2.0 Cohort Profile

The Cohort/Class Indicators tab has seen the greatest number of improvements, and I'm really excited to get your feedback on what we've done. We're really aiming to make this dashboard a 'one-stop-shop' for classroom teachers and Year Level Coords. Compare assessments, look at achievement and attendance trends, compare students in your class and look for potential risks for student success... all in one page.

The Achievement tab is due for some extra analytical grunt in V2.0. Still the same Sankey chart that we all love (well, that I love) but now you'll be able to see student progress and performance over time for NAPLAN and ACER data as well. Depending on your data source selection, the chart will display students by a 10% range in performance, i.e. students who achieved between 60 and 70%, or by band (NAPLAN) or stanine (ACER). Full disclosure, this feature will not be available on day one of V2.0's release, but will be released through Term 2.

The Standardised Testing tab still does the great work of analysing a cohort's performance right down to right/wrong for each question, but you can now click to see which students are included in the Insights recommendations.

Learn more about the Cohort Profile

We're excited about this major update and I can't wait to speak with schools as they begin to play with the new features.


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