Elevating insights: Intellischool & Skodel unite to develop holistic student profiles

In an exciting move poised to reshape educational insights, Intellischool and Skodel have officially joined forces. This landmark partnership heralds a new era of holistic understanding, where students' emotional landscapes are given as much prominence as their academic strides.

Unveiling the full spectrum of student experience

"Creating holistic student profiles presents a real challenge, primarily due to the uncertainty around which data points and signals to consider first. The potential data to explore is vast, and determining the best entry point can be overwhelming," states Ian Fagan, Director of Skodel. "That's why we're integrating our psychology expertise, led by Andrew Fuller, into this process. Our objective is to simplify these complexities, to start answering the crucial questions and to assist in constructing these comprehensive dashboards."

The alliance bridges the gap between academic performance and emotional wellbeing, supporting schools to uncover interwoven insights. It promises a seamless narrative of each student's holistic journey, empowering teachers to support more effectively, and leaders to communicate with sector and parent communities.

Beyond the numbers

What truly sets this partnership apart is not just the technology it introduces, but equally the expertise on hand to support school leaders. 

"Schools are constantly juggling various priorities, and dedicating resources to sift through extensive data for actionable insights can be demanding. Our aim is to ease this load for them," Dave Philp, CEO and Co-founder of Intellischool says. "By undertaking intricate analysis, we can provide schools with clear, meaningful insights without adding to their workload."

"But this process involves more than just our team working behind the scenes," Philp continues. "It's vital for us to collaborate with schools, drawing on their insights to ensure the support we provide fits their specific context. We're here to do the complex work, but we believe the best outcomes come from a partnership. By combining Skodel psychological insights and Intellischool systems knowledge with schools' unique understanding of their students, we can build more accurate, useful profiles."

​​Key features unlocked by partnership

This collaboration introduces several groundbreaking features designed to set the standard in holistic student reporting:

Integrated wellbeing, academic and other data: One of the most compelling visual tools will be a line graph that overlays students' wellbeing data with their academic performance. This feature provides unprecedented insight into how students' emotional states may affect their academic achievements and vice versa.

Proactive alert system: The system's ability to combine data points and identify potential issues before they escalate is another crucial feature. By correlating academic and wellbeing data, the platform can send alerts about students who may require early intervention, ensuring timely support.

Support mechanisms in place:A distinguishing feature of Skodel is the robust response system in place that connects students to different support services based on their levels of wellbeing. This ranges from proactive planning to 24/7 support lines, and ensures schools can collect critical mental health data safely. 

Security at the forefront for Intellischool and Skodel

Robust data security is a foundational necessity. Both companies hold this principle. Intellischool has successfully navigated the rigorous Safer Technologies 4 Schools assessment, while Skodel is in the process of doing the same, underscoring their unwavering commitment to student privacy.

"Trust is the cornerstone here," affirms Philp. "Schools and systems can be assured that their data is safeguarded with the highest standards of security and confidentiality."

Holistic education made possible

To school and system leaders looking to capture a comprehensive, holistic view of their learners, Skodel invites you to discuss this partnership further. The alliance of Intellischool and Skodel marks a pivotal shift in the educational paradigm. The partnership promises to support school communities and systems in championing a holistic approach to education and improve student outcomes.

About Skodel

Skodel provides wellbeing check-ins linked to support mechanisms, enabling schools to collect critical wellbeing data and ensure timely and appropriate responses. In collaboration with renowned educational psychologist Andrew Fuller, Skodel stands out by offering expertise at every phase of the school's wellbeing journey.

From the initial stages of data collection through to the tailored responses triggered by check-in results, and culminating in detailed community reports with action plans, Skodel is there. Appreciating the numerous priorities wellbeing teams are juggling, Skodel offers hands-on guidance in navigating the data's subtleties, crafting strategies that resonate on an individual level, and communicating these insights effectively to the wider school community.

Skodel is trusted across all sectors, currently working with the Victorian Department of Education and a wide range of private and independent schools both domestically and internationally. It's a partnership that brings professional expertise coupled with accessible technology to the complex, nuanced task of nurturing wellbeing. 

About Intellischool

Intellischool is a leading provider of learning analytics solutions, supporting schools to analyse student data, automate administrative tasks, and empower teachers to proactively address insights. While every school collects data, this data is often stored across multiple systems, and rarely brought together in a single location. It can take teachers far too long to collate this data, often proving to be a barrier to effective engagement with data. Intellischool takes these disorganised data silos and transforms them into unified, actionable data insights, supporting teachers to take action sooner rather than later.

Intellischool Analytics incorporates the breadth of academic, pastoral and wellbeing data, with data being drawn straight from your school’s learning management and student management systems. In addition to analytics dashboards, Intelischool’s powerful Pulse Alerts listen to your school’s data and automatically alert the right people at the right time with the specific information they’re interested in, allowing for quick follow-up on insights across data. These alerts take the process of manually trawling through data out of the equation, helping teachers to be proactive rather than reactive.

Intellischool is proud to provide a comprehensive data analytics solution for schools backed in subject-matter expertise and pedagogical best practice.

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