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2023 NAPLAN Results: Answering your FAQs

2023 NAPLAN results are here, and we understand that our subscriber schools are keen to see student data displayed throughout their Intellischool dashboards as soon as possible. Take a moment to read through some of our frequently asked questions below.

What changes are being made to NAPLAN results reporting in 2023?

Changes have been made to the way in which student NAPLAN results are reported as of 2023. Students’ results will show how they performed in each of the NAPLAN assessment areas against 4 new proficiency levels: 'Exceeding', 'Developing', 'Strong', and 'Needs additional support'. You can read further about these changes through the information sheet here on the NAPLAN website, as well as this NAPLAN article dedicated to proficiency level descriptions. 

When will we see results in our Intellischool dashboards?

Before Intellischool can publish 2023 NAPLAN results in our dashboards, we require additional contextual statistical information from ACARA. ACARA is expected to publish this information imminently, but as of the time of publication for this article (Monday 24th July 2023), it has not yet been published. This data helps teachers and analysts make sense of what a student's score means. It provides detail on proficiency level scaled score boundaries, it provides comparative national and state means, and is a critical additional data set for Intellischool for presenting NAPLAN data in a meaningful way.

We expect that this statistical information will be available shortly, and we will keep our subscribing schools up to date as soon as we have more information. 

Are there any steps required from schools to make sure we can see our results?

You will need to enter this your 2023 NAPLAN portal credentials through your Intellischool settings. If you need any support in updating these credentials, please reach out to your Intellischool Engagement Manager.

What will look different throughout our dashboards when viewing 2023 NAPLAN compared to past results?

Visualisations of NAPLAN results will remain largely unchanged - here's a few examples of some minor changes that will be rolled out.

For both our Progress and Performance analytics, the Cohort Standardised Testing tab will see some minor changes to the stacked bar charts, which will now display the cohort distribution across the four proficiency levels. 

On the Learner Indicators tab in for our Progress analytics, you'll now see the relevant slice of the pie chart labelled with a letter to indicate the student's proficiency level, rather than the number of the band previously shown. 

Will we be able to see growth comparisons between 2023 NAPLAN results and past results?

The NAPLAN website states that "A new NAPLAN time series begins from 2023. Results from 2023 on cannot be directly compared to results from 2008 to 2022." As such, this has direct implications for NAPLAN growth calculations that have historically been included in areas of our Intellischool dashboards. 

The basis of NAPLAN results will remain scaled scores. Provided the scaling is commensurate with previous tests, Intellischool may eventually be able to reinstate growth calculations based on scaled score. There are several ways that we may be able to do this, such as simply looking at changes in scaled scores, or a student's variance from the state or cohort mean. We will await further statistical and contextual information from ACARA before proceeding. 

As with all of our analytics, it is essential that the information we provide is based on valid calculations and interpretations of the data that we work with. We will keep our subscribing schools up to date with new information about this as soon as possible.

Will there be any changes to our previous NAPLAN data?

Any NAPLAN data you have synced to your Intellischool dashboards prior to 2023 will remain unchanged, and will still appear in accordance with pre-2023 NAPLAN reporting guidelines. 


We're grateful for your patience while we work hard to get your 2023 NAPLAN results visualised quickly and accurately. If there's anything further that we can help you with, reach out to your Intellischool Engagement Manager anytime.

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