Tips for Teachers

Data Analytics

2023 NAPLAN Results: Answering your FAQs

2023 NAPLAN results are here - take a moment to read through some of our frequently asked questions with regards to the changes to NAPLAN reporting.


Top 10 Pulse Alerts

Looking for some inspiration for useful Pulse Alerts? Take a look at this article to see the 'Top 10 Pulse Alerts' being used by schools!


Tackling teacher admin overload

Intellischool can support teachers in reducing time spent on data-related admin tasks, and can make weaving data into teaching practice quicker and...

Data Analytics

Top Tips for Kickstarting 2023

Tips for teachers to leverage Intellischool dashboards and tools to save precious time and headspace at the start of the new school year.

Tips for Teachers

Use of technology in education

Use of Technology in Education, Learn the History of Educational Technology Leading Up To Current Hardware and Software like Intellischool in the...

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