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Data Analytics

Announcing Intellischool Analytics, v2!

V2.0 product update listing new features included. Provides detail in major categories product feature updates but does not list every new feature.

Data Analytics

Top Tips for Kickstarting 2023

Tips for teachers to leverage Intellischool dashboards and tools to save precious time and headspace at the start of the new school year.

Tips for Teachers

Use of technology in education

Use of Technology in Education, Learn the History of Educational Technology Leading Up To Current Hardware and Software like Intellischool in the...

Tips for Teachers

How does technology impact student learning?

How Does Technology Impact Student Learning? Learn how technology optimises your classroom so that your students are best equipped for learning.

Tips for Teachers

Technology used for education

Find the right learning tools and discover the history of educational technology leading up to Intellischool.

Tips for Teachers

Education software for schools

Discover the best educational software applications to help create the best learning environment for all of your students.

Tips for Teachers

How important is technology in schools?

Learn the importance of technology for all kinds of students in to equip them for a positive learning experience across all institutions.

Green business

How Intellischool went 100% green

In these unprecedented times businesses are often looking to minimise costs. Modern businesses must prioritise the environment in decision making.

The journey begins

I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to have worked with schools in various roles for over a decade. Quite literally dozens of schools across...

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